Finding Inspiration Through Graphic Design {free gift}

It’s easy to get into a scrapping rut. Our pages all start to look the same and honestly, we just get bored and feel uninspired.

I’ve said it many times…inspiration is anywhere and everywhere. You can find it on Amazon. You can find it on your Google search history. You can find it in children’s books. Sometimes we just need to go look around — at stores, at galleries, on the web, on Pinterest, and in magazines.

We come across something that sparks an idea inside of us. It may be out of our normal style, but that is how creativity grows.

Graphic design samples are a great way to find inspiration for your scrapbook pages. Here are some great ideas I found…perfect for a page design.

(images are linked to source)

Using the bike wheel image above, I create a template for myself. Now I am ready to scrap!


If you click the image below, you can download the free template!

What about you? Where do you find inspiration?