Back to School Inspiration

As I shared yesterday, this time of year brings out all things crafty and creative in me. I get so excited to see the school and office supplies lining the aisles of stores and I love to cruise the web for fun ideas. While I always have more ideas than time, I do have my eyes on a few specific things for this year.

I love, love, LOVE this burlap pencil banner from Glued To My Crafts. I think it would be so cute in our school room!

I love this idea from Polka Dot Chair of having a homework station. My kids are always asking me where they can find a pencil, tape, scissors, etc. Now if only I could get them to keep all this stuff right where it is…

Having a checklist similar to this one from 36th Avenue would make evenings easier. This one is printed and then put in a frame so you can use a dry erase marker each day.

These projects from Brunch at Saks, H20 Bungalow, and I Heart Organizing all fall into the pile of totally not necessary, but they also fall into the pile of so-cute-I-HAVE-to-make-them!

I think a school lunch sign like from While He Was Napping would be perfect for the kitchen. The kids could follow the plan and pack their own lunches. I think it would also help mom remember what to buy at the grocery store!

And finally, I am loving these homemade bookmarks from Everything Etsy. I think this will be a fun project for my kids and I to do together!

So how about you? What crafty & scrappy back to school projects do you have planned?