How to Make a Floral Shape

How to Make a Floral Shape

From time to time, I like to step away from “memory-keeping” and do something that is just for fun. Here’s a just-for-fun page that I recently made featuring a large floral arrow. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! (And it really was fun – and easy – to make!)

Even though there are a lot of elements on the page, I think I only spent about 25 minutes on the page. Here’s how to do it:

Start With a Shape Guide

First, start with the shape you want to create into a floral cluster. I chose an arrow.

Add Foliage

Then cover the shape with leaves to hide the shape. If you have to “erase” some of the leaves to get the shape right, go ahead. Just remember to hide the erased bits with flowers later.

Add Flowers

Add lots and lots of flowers! (And maybe a sprinkle of tags and hearts and stars.) Whenever I add a flower, I duplicate it at least 2 more times and rotate them slightly before spreading them out on the shape guide. Sometimes I add the same flower twice – once in a larger size and then again in a smaller size.

I like to step back from time to time and bring some flowers forwards (or push some flowers to the back) in the layer palette.

Add the Finishing Touches

For my page, I added some paper strips, paint splatter and a positive thought in a pretty water colour script.

Happy scrapping!