Choose Joy


When I was in high school, my parents put a book on my bed titled, Happiness is a Choice. Although I didn’t appreciate it then and although their approach to my struggle was far too narrow, I can now see that I have a big part to play in my joy and outlook on life. So when I saw Choose Joy by Red Ivy Designs in this month’s Digi Files, I knew I had some stories to tell! This kit, so full of color and happy, is so beautiful. Let’s check it out!

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The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Red Ivy Design’s contribution:

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


My name is Alice and I live with my husband and our two daughters who are a constant inspiration for me. Just a few random facts about me: I love old movies, the mountains and I am a hopeless coffee and chocolate lover. As a designer I have searched long and hard for my own unique style and I found that cute with a touch of whimsical is what represents me the best.



I started drawing these girls to stretch myself creatively. I’m loving them more and more and many of them are now hanging on the walls of friends and family. 🙂



I started trying my hand at designing when my first daughter was born, 9 years ago. I saw some nice kits back then and I thought it would be nice to try to do some digital designing myself. Then a second (and difficult) pregnancy came so I stopped thinking about creating pretty stuff. The second time I started designing, I was very committed to become as good as I possibly can.


I find my inspiration in children’s books and my daughters’ drawings.With every kit that I make I try to capture a little bit of childhood and bring a smile to my customers.


Computer: I work on a HP laptop. I have no idea of how much RAM or other “computer stuff” it has!

Program: Photoshop is my main program. I also use an older version of Corel Draw.

Camera: I still have my Olympus Pen. I rely mostly on my phone camera though as it’s always handy.

Anything Else: I have a Wacom Intuos tablet, as well as a Cannon scanner.


My all time favorite tip: hover the mouse between two layers while pressing the “Alt” key to clip the top layer to the shape on the one beneath. I use this all the time!


Dreaming and setting goals is very important for getting ahead in life and becoming a better person. This kit is very dear to me because it speaks of not only dreams, but also the hard work and dedication necessary to achieve them.



It was photos of jewelry that inspired me to make this super girly kit. I don’t use glitter too often, but this time it seemed very appropriate and I think I wasn’t the only one to believe that!


Here are some of my favorite products by Red Ivy Design:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Red Ivy Design’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







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