10 Amazing Creative Spaces

Whenever I play get to know you games, I let people in on a very odd reality: we have moved every summer we have been married (and one Christmas!) That makes 18 moves in 17 years. Sometimes the move was within eyesight (we’ve lived on a number of campuses) and sometimes the move was on the other side of the world (we’ve lived in four countries.)

Because of this moving thing, I know that when it comes to unpacking and decorating, I have to get it done fast. If I don’t, I won’t have a chance to enjoy it. Whatever doesn’t happen in the first two weeks doesn’t ever seem to happen.

But this summer, as long as nothing unexpected happens, we will NOT be moving! And that means catching a second wind in decorating and finishing spaces up. I did my office before we even moved in, but there were a few things that never got done. So, I went looking for inspiration and here is what I found. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to show you the inspiration in action as I finish my office project!

Now I will admit that many of these are too-picture-perfect and the chance of anyone actually keeping their creative rooms like this is negligible (or is it only me that has papers strewn amongst the empty coffee cups?) But let’s not that stop us from being inspired!

And one more, an amazing before and after of a closet-turned-creative space!

So, what does your creative space look like?