Sharing Your Layouts on Instagram

Sharing Your Layouts on Instagram

Are you sharing your scrapbook layouts on Instagram? It has become an amazing “gallery” for digital scrapbookers. Most of your favourite designers and stores are probably on Instagram and there is an abundance of inspiring content and layouts to be found there. I recently created my own scrappy Instagram account and have started to post my layouts there. Today I’m going to share my workflow for getting a layout from my computer and on to Instagram.

A Personal Account and a Scrappy Account

I have had a personal Instagram account for a while now. It is mostly filled with food pics and pics from my every day life.

To avoid annoying my non-scrappy friends and family, I created a second account where I share my layouts and articles on scrapbooking. Instagram now allows us to switch between two accounts really easily. All you do is just click on your username in the top centre of the Instagram app. A drop down will appear with all of your available accounts. (Or you can add another account, if you want.)

Using Later to Make Writing Easier

If you’ve hesitated about using Instagram for posting your layouts because you thought it would be bothersome to type up all of the design credits on your smartphone, definitely try out Later (formerly known as Latergram). Later is a service that lets you create Instagram posts and schedule them to be posted at a later date – although to be clear, Later does not post to your account – you still have to go in and manually post your picture. It will send you a reminder prompt at the scheduled time though.

For scrapbookers, the beauty of Later is that it allows us to type up a long description of our layout including credits, all from the comfort of our keyboards. You can also save it without scheduling it to post, so you can go in and edit it as much as you need to.

For scrapbookers on creative teams for designers, Later also allows you to create your post and then schedule it to be posted on the new product release date. Awesome time saver!

To post your layout, go into the Later app on your phone and select the layout you want to share. Hit the “Open In Instagram” button. It will ask if you are logged in correctly to Instagram. This is important! Make sure your scrappy account is the active one so that it will post to it.

Later automatically copies the text you’ve prepared. So, once in the Instagram app, all you have to do is paste the text.

Here is all of the prepared text pasted into the Instagram caption box:

Et voilĂ ! A fully prepared Instagram post showing a layout of mine:

Keep a List of Tags

Many designers use a specific hashtag to easily find their products. Just go to their Instagram page and you’ll be able to find it on their photos. To keep track of these hashtags, I use Google Keep to keep a quick list for each of the designers I frequently use – as well as store hashtags.

Remember to tag your pages with general tags too, like #digitalscrapbooking or #pocketscrapbooking. This will help other people find them, even if they’re not familiar with the products you used on your page.

Save Favourite Layouts to Pinterest

Don’t forget to follow your favourite scrapbookers on Instagram and to save any layouts that you love to Pinterest!