Pretty Pretty Templates

Seriously…Brook’s templates are just so PRETTY. As in, I don’t need to overlay any papers because they are just so pretty all on their own!

Don’t believe me? Just check out her templates for this month’s Digi Files. Gorgeous!

As I was oooohing and aaaahhing over them the other day, thinking I wish I could just print and hang as they are, it occurred to me that I really could use them just as they are!

I needed to send a bunch of thank you cards and I decided that these templates would make the prettiest cards.

[I am working in PSE, but the steps should be similar in PS and other versions of PSE]

I chose to use the third template (the one in the bottom right in the preview above. I selected all of the layers in the big cluster (holding down the command key while I selected each layer in the layers palette) and duplicated them onto a new 5×7 document (with layers selected, LAYER > DUPLICATE LAYER > DESTINATION: NEW). I then rotated them 90° to the right (IMAGE > ROTATE > ROTATE IMAGE 90° RIGHT).

I then decided to go back and grab the black photo spot. I overlaid it with a chalkboard paper from my stash and then added a stroke layer (holding down the command key, I clicked on the layer thumbnail which created a selection around the layer; then, I clicked the new layer icon and next EDIT > STROKE > 10px).

After writing the words ThankYou (font is Angelline), I decided to duplicate most of the cluster, rotate them (with desired layers selected, IMAGE > ROTATE > ROTATE LAYER 180°), and add them to the other side. Finally, I added a piece of watercolor paper (again, from my stash) and voila! Thank you cards done! Simple and yet so, so pretty!