Keeping Track of Your Unused Digi Supplies

Keeping Track of Your Unused Digi Supplies

How do you keep track of your digital scrapbooking supply purchases? I have an organization system that I find very helpful. In a nutshell, I tag all of my previews in ACDSee with the store name, designer name and type of product (i.e. kit, alpha, journal cards, etc.). It helps me to find supplies in my giant digi supply stash pretty quickly and easily.

One thing I haven’t touched on is how I track my newest purchases so that I can tell which products I have never used before. That’s important for me both because I am on a creative teams and I need to keep track of what to scrap next and because it’s just nice to be able to play with my fun new supplies!

My “system” isn’t really all that sophisticated – but it works for me!

Basically, I organize all of my supplies by Store and then I have a folder for every Designer. Within the Store directory, I have a “_to use next” folder. The underscore at the beginning means that it is always the first folder in the directory.

To Use Next Folder

I unzip all of my new supplies in the “_to use next” folder and tag the previews with the store, designer name and product type. Then, after I’ve used the product, I move it to the Designer folder. This way, I know that any products in the “_to use next” folder are unused.

Do you keep track of your unused digi supplies?