Fun & Simple April Fool’s Day

Friday is April Fool’s Day and that means it’s time for some good-hearted fun.

I’ve never been much of a prankster (because some of it can be far-too-mean for my sensitive nature!), but there are some cute and fun ideas floating around that I think would go over well in our home. Fun and silly without anyone’s feelings or body getting hurt. We always tell our kids that if both people don’t find a joke/prank funny, then it isn’t funny. It takes knowing our kids/spouse and their individual personalities to know how far to take things.

If you need a few ideas to inspire some fun memory making at your house, you’ve got a few days to gather what you need for one of these ideas…

Swapping Heads in Family Photos

I think these photos are so funny, especially if you have a framed photo displayed prominently in the home. If you don’t want to break into Photoshop like I did, try one of the face swapping apps for Android or iOS.

Cat Poop Cake

We aren’t much of a “potty humor” family, but as my kids get older we have let up a little bit on these kinds of things. I know they would be torn between being disgusted and thinking this is hilarious. That’s right where I want them to be with a day like April Fool’s. I’ll spare you the photo in case you have a weak stomach, but if you are curious, you can see an example and directions HERE.

Back of the Car Sign

If your spouse drives to work and you know he/she won’t look at the back of the car, a sign like this would be perfect!

Thread Through the Underwear

Take a needle and thread and pull them through all the underwear in your child’s drawer. When they grab one pair, they’ll get them all.

Sparkle Towel

We have a sparkle-loving girl in our home and we tend to add sparkle and glitter to her things (like at the bottom of all her gift bags so when she flips them over, all the glitter comes pouring out.) I think it would be fun to put a bunch of sparkle confetti inside a folded towel and when the person grabs the towel for their shower, they get what we call in our home, “Sparkle Tagged!”

Cold Feet

As your child or spouse is getting ready to walk out the door, hand them their shoes with ice cubes in the toes. If you know they are going to be barefoot, cold spaghetti would be hilarious too!

Surprise Eggs

With Easter being before April Fool’s a quick and cruel joke is to tell your kids you found some Easter Candy you forgot about. When they open their chocolate eggs, they’ll be surprise to find grapes inside.

Mint Oreos

If your family loves Oreos (as most adults kids do), try replacing the beloved cream with toothpaste. At their surprise, remind them how much the love mint Oreos!

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Candy Apples Onions

It may not be the season for caramel apples, but what kid could resist the special treat from mom? Wrap onions in caramel and place a stick in them just as you would for the fall-favorite. Present them to your delighted kids, who when they take a bite, may not be quite as delighted anymore!

A New Youtube Favorite

Youtube is a fun way to spend time as a family, enjoying the amazing creativity and ingenuity that exists in our media-saturated world. Tell your kids you found a new favorite video and show them this.

Happy April Fool’s to all of you…may the pranks be funny, the doughnuts filled with mayo, and the brownies you promised your kids for a Friday night treat be brown-e’s.