Font plus Layer Style for Titles

Font plus Layer Style for Titles

When I see a scrapbook page, the title is often the first thing that catches my eye. I love good title work! I also happen to find making my own titles really challenging. Luckily, we have a lot of different options for creating titles in digital scrapbooking.

A Lot of Great Title Options

The most obvious option for title work is perhaps using alphas. Many kits includes alphas and there are certainly a lot for sale individually. Some scrapbookers are masters at mixing alphas to make truly unique and creative titles. But, I don’t think I’m alone in finding alphas hard to work with on pages! When they work, they work though. Check out these tutorials for working with alphas:

My usual go-to for scrapbook titles is pre-made word art. Beautiful word art is enough to make me purchase a kit. In fact, I am often inspired by word art to create a page on the same topic as the word art! Sometimes though the word art included in a kit doesn’t go with the theme of my page. In those cases, I find it helpful to make my own word art strips:

Font + Styles = Winning Combination

But, by far, the easiest and fastest titles for me are made using nothing more than a pretty font and pairing it with a Photoshop Style (or two). I already own 1000+ fonts so it is a pretty safe bet that I’ll have one font that will suit my title and page design. Over the years I have also collected a fair number of Photoshop styles. If you are new to Photoshop styles, check out:

Here are a few example titles that I made using the same font (League Spartan) and various layer styles that I have purchased over the years:

Supplies: Papers from My Life Online which is a TDD member exclusive kit. Drop Shadows are by One Little Bird Designs. All other styles are by Mommyish Designs as listed in the graphic.

It’s amazing how many different looks can be created using Photoshop styles! Best of all, it is easy to test out dozens of style options just by clicking the different styles until you find one you like.

Do you have a go-to title trick?