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We are so thrilled to have Tangie Baxter with us again at The Daily Digi. Tangie is one of those people that make me want to let go of all my perfect lines and squared edges and just let the paint fly. I get so excited and inspired every time I look at her products. Her pocket poppers and templates are perfect for the inner artist who is waiting to unleash themselves!

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Tangie Baxter’s contribution:


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; BE by Tangie Baxter; Fonts: Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by SharonS. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; Fonts: Wish I Were Taller, The Sharon.


Layout by LulyG. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; Memory Pockets Monthly Magic Alpha by Allison Pennington; Font: KG Loves You Through It.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: Pocket Poppers & Templates by Tangie Baxter; Stamped Cork Styling #152 by Mommyish Designs.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


I live in the bright sunshiney state of Arizona with my talented hubby who makes all the journals in our Etsy shop, my eighteen year old daughter who is preparing to leave on a mission for our church. I have a beautiful studio in my home that I work and teach from. I’m a collector of all things artsy and truly love the thrill of the hunt at thrift & antique stores!



The Art Journal caravan has meant a lot to me over the years and after taking a year off from it I really truly missed it. This was the first page that I created for the return of the Caravan in 2016. It really captured everything I was feeling at that exact moment in time. I feel whole again with the Caravan back in my life.


SUPPLIES: January Collection 2016 by Tangie Baxter.


I have been paper scrapping since I was about twelve or so! Then I got to that stage of my life that I sort of lost interest in and became a collector of scrapbooking supplies, but never did anything with them. Then I came across art journaling in 2003 and fell in love but didn’t make it a priority in my life until much later. In the spring of 2007 I found out about DIGITAL scrapbooking. I can STILL picture me sitting there with a silly grin on my face not believing what I was seeing! It was love at first pixel and I knew it was for me. I immediately bought Photoshop CS2 and cried myself through learning how to use it. I can laugh about it now, but there weren’t many resources on how to use the program for digital scrapbooking back then. By the fall of 2007, I opened my own store and was determined to quit my day job! Somewhere in the fall of 2009 I realized I could combine my love of art journaling with digital and my life has never been the same since then! The last almost nine years have been some of the most amazing of my life and I’m so grateful each and everyday that I was led down this path in my life and I’m ecstatic for the future.


There is just something deep down inside of me that is called to create! So everywhere I go I’m looking at things, moments, passing thoughts and wondering how I can incorporate it into my artwork. I’m a little magpie collecting ethereal thoughts and tucking them into a nest to work on later. Wow, see? Just writing that makes me want to run create an art journal page with that imagery.


Computer: Computer: I’m still working with my same computer, it’s been a long road together so far! It’s an HP 570f, it has a AMD II 1090T 3.20GHZ processor; 16 GB of Ram and a 2TB hard drive with windows 7-64 bit. I also have two HP2711x LED 27 inch Monitors which I adore!

Program: I use Photoshop Creative Cloud, Artrage, 7zip and Renamer by Den4b

Camera: An iPHone 5s! I have given up on trying to be a photographer (for now) and just enjoy my life through the lens of the camera phone that goes with me everywhere

Anything Else: I’ve got four 2TB external hard drives (various brands) that still doesn’t seem like enough storage..


A notebook! A planner! A something! I carry one with me everywhere I go. I find as I get older I forget things (and fast too!). Having a notebook to jot down my ideas and random thoughts has been incredible. Plus now I have all these really neat notebooks full of “random thoughts by tangie”, the are an invaluable resource and seem to be a part of me now.


The Art Journal Emporium is by far my favorite product I’ve ever created and now in 2016 I’m also hosting the Art Journal Caravan and it is INCLUDED in the Emporium! It’s spectacular! It’s a whole new workshop experience, it’s like a street fair–there is so much to do and try and something for everyone. It’s just one of those things you have to try to really be able to see everything that is included!



Planners are all the rage right now! This product took off at the beginning of the year, we had so much fun creating our calendars that I just kept making products to give to students and my Creative team just kept creating tutorials! We’ve now created converters and printables for over 6 planner systems. It’s so addicting and we just can’t stop! The live portion of the class is over but you can still get ALL the exclusive goodies that came with the class and you will receive access to the archived classroom where you can talk to other students.


Here are some of my favorite products by Tangie Baxter:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Tangie Baxter’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Use coupon code DD25 for 25% off any order. Please use on products by Tangie Baxter only. Expires 4/30/2016.

Go have a look in Tangie Baxter’s store! We will randomly select TWO winners to win $10 in product! All winners will be selected through the Rafflecopter widget below. There are several ways to enter and you can do ALL of them to gain more entries for yourself!

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