Making a Quote the Star of the Page

Making a Quote the Star of the Page

My young son is full of quotable sayings. He says so many cute and funny things that I keep a Google Doc file just to capture some of it. I’ve shared before how like to turn his quotes into little word art images using the Word Swag app.

So my little son, who is six years old, recently said,

“I know how to make a girl fall in love with a boy. Be nice to her and give her stuff she likes, like chocolate. But if she’s allergic to chocolate, don’t buy her chocolate.”

He said it genuinely and with such sweetness too.

Obviously I had to capture this – I need to share it with his future wife, of course.

I decided to make a scrapbook page for just this quote. (I mention this because I will often just incorporate stuff like this in my Project 52 pocket album.)

To make the quote the star of the page, I typed it in a much larger font than I usually use. It was a good start, but it needed a bit of punch. I broke the journalling into two text boxes and deleted the word “love”. Then I used the alpha included with the kit to write out the word “love”, keeping it relatively large on the page. Now it stands out!

Supplies: Lucky by Erica Zane

Emphasizing just one (or a handful) of words really adds punch and makes the quote visually important on the page. It’s a design element now and a part of the overall flow of the page.

If you have a lot of quotes to capture, check out Scrapbooking a Conversation and Scrapping Great Quotes for more ideas.