I Am a Storyteller Photographer

I have definitely learned something about myself. I am a storyteller. For me, stories are the essence of who I am, what I see, and what I find beautiful.

Knowing this affects the way I approach things, especially my photography and scrapbooking. Whereas when I first started scrapping and would put just one photo on a page, I am now much more drawn to multi-photo pages that tell a story. When I take photos, I rarely, if ever, simply take one photo. Rather, I keep shooting, knowing the even the subtle differences in the frame are telling me a story.

I could take just one photo of a scene.

This picture does a pretty good job of telling a story on its own. I can tell my son is looking through our family scrapbook albums. But when I look at the other photos from the same few moments, I feel that the story is told in more detail. It’s like when I help my boys write their papers. We start with something solid and then we go back and we add in the details, using strong verbs and adjectives to better communicate what we are trying to say.

Another example:

In this photo, it looks as though my daughter is watching something on the Kindle, which she is. My son is obviously not paying any attention to the show and is instead playing and distracting her. She appears unfazed. But because I kept shooting, I better captured the whole of the story, which as you can tell, shows that my daughter wavered back and forth between being attentive to her show and wanting to join in my son’s craziness.

One photo would have never done this scene justice.

One of the major benefits of digital photography is that we can keep shooting, with negligible costs. We can just click, click, click and then delete, delete, delete. But between the clicking and the deleting we get to see a story unfold in front of us.

A few weeks ago, my son went into the bathroom to wash his hands and face (his favorite activity). I love getting pictures of the everyday little moments and so I followed him in.

I was in the middle of doing dishes and I almost walked away after taking this photo. But then I decided to watch him and keep shooting. I am so glad I did! There are so many little details in these photos that maybe only I will notice or see significance in, but to me, they are important. The photo of Indonesia in the background, the messy face, the messy mirror that tells me whichever kid was on bathroom for chores that day skipped out.

When it comes to scrapping my photos, I LOVE having lots to choose from. Sometimes I will choose only one or two if adding more doesn’t help the page. But then there are times when having lots of photos makes the storyteller in me very happy.

I shared this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago. It’s cute and it gets the point across, but the photos all together make this moment so much funnier to me. I love that my scrapbook layout includes ten photos, and they all play a purpose. The group of them is so much more of a story than one of the photos alone.

{CREDITS: Little Boys from the January 2016 Digi Files, LIKE button by Zoe Pearn, stitching by Traci Reed.

So how about you? Do you like to tell stories with your photos? With your words? Do you ever wish you had kept on shooting instead of walking away after one photo?