How Your Digital Presence Makes Memory Keeping Easier

How Your Digital Presence Makes Memory Keeping Easier

Are you finishing up your 2015 pocket album or Project 52 album? I know I am!

When I start a weekly pocket page, I always add the photos first. Then I tell the stories for those photos. For the leftover pockets, I have to dig a little to find content. Luckily, since so much of our lives are lived digitally, there are plenty of places to look for clues about what happened during any particular time period.

Here are some of my go-to stops for finding little tidbits of everyday-life information for my pocket albums.

I use Google Calendar for virtually everything! I have a personal calendar, a calendar for my kids, and even a meal planning calendar. That makes it my first-stop for ideas for memory keeping because everything that I had scheduled is in my Google Calendar. I just view the week I want to scrap and take note of any special events that happened.

I don’t have a big social media presence, but I do use Facebook. For memory keeping, I use my Facebook feed to see what I posted, liked and shared. If it was interesting, I add it to my pocket album. I sometimes use screenshots of my social media to make sure to show exactly what social media looked like today. It will look very different in 5 years or 10 years. And who knows what we’ll have in 20 or 50 years. It’s nice to capture how we communicate today in our memory albums.

With some friends and family, I often communicate by Facebook Messenger so that makes it a great source of information too.

Email is a great source of information! I like to search for a time period and see what pops up. Sometimes it’s just a recipe I’ve shared, but sometimes I’ll find RSVPs to parties and planning for other events that make for good additions to my pocket album pages.

Oh yes, I do love my Netflix. If you head into your Netflix account, you can browse your viewing history. Mine is, umm, extensive. I love adding what shows I’ve been watching to my pocket pages. Hopefully my kids will get a kick out hearing about Mom’s Grey’s Anatomy binge of 2015.

You can search your local news sites for the dates you’re interested in scrapbooking. I’ve done this and been reminded about a big news story that I want to share in my albums.

If you’d like to add interesting trivia, the BBC has their On This Day website. Search any date and it will provide you with the biggest news and events that happened on that day. It would be fun to add things like “25 years ago today, this happened.”

You can also find out the weather on a past date on the web at sites like this one.

What other digital sources of information would you add to the list?