Spell Check Before Printing

Spell Check Before Printing

Adding words to my scrapbook pages is my favourite part of the memory keeping process. I love to connect photos with their stories! It helps me to capture the little details of life that might otherwise be forgotten.

So this year, I want to be more intentional about doing one simple thing on every page. I want to use spell check! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? We all use it on our word documents, almost without thinking about it. It’s just habit. But on Photoshop documents, somehow this important step can get overlooked.

Have you ever printed a page and then found a spelling error on it? Have you ever saved the web-version and posted your page to the galleries and then found a spelling error? If it made you cringe, then read on for how to find and use spell check in Photoshop.

Finding Spell Check

It is worth mentioning that spell check in Photoshop is found in the Edit menu, under Check Spelling… It is not in the Type menu.

It will check all of the layers in the document that are visible. (Hidden text layers will not be spell checked.)

Using the Tool

Just like in a word processing spell checker, you have the choice of ignoring spelling errors, changing words to another spelling, or adding a new word to your custom dictionary.

Using spell check takes only a minute and is so worth it!