Year In Review List

Year In Review List

As 2015 is winding down, it is the perfect time of year to jot down some quick facts about you, your interests and the world.

If you look below, you’ll see that I have started a quick list of facts that I would like to remember. I’m going to save my completed list on Google Docs. I may even turn it into a scrapbook page later. It would be a great scrapbook page to close an album!

In 2015…

Me in 2015

My age

My job (or school grade)

Where I live

My family

# of years married

My pets

My social media presence

# of pictures taken

Big Events and Activities in 2015

Trips taken

Family changes

Sports played

Entertainment in 2015

Best TV show

Favourite musician

The catchiest song

Best book

Best movie

Notable Oscar winners

Favourite toys

The World in 2015

Memorable news story

Population of our hometown

The price of a loaf of bread

The price of gas

The leader of our country

Food in 2015

Favourite restaurant

Favourite home-cooked dinner

Best chocolate bar

Please share other items that you’d add to your Year In Review list in the comments section below. It might help somebody else to capture a fact or memory.