Tech Talk

I have my eye on a few amazing tech products, hoping for some Black Friday deals next week. I thought some of you might be interested in checking them out too!

Wacom Bamboo Spark

This innovative new product from Wacom combines the power of paper and pen with digi. Using the special pen, you draw or take notes on the paper pad. The pen converts your drawing into vector art that you can either sync with a smart device, like iPhone or iPad, or save on the pen until you can connect and sync. Amazon reviews were mixed, but Wacom did address some of the issues people were having and already pushed out a fix. I’m a fan of Wacom tablets already, so this has my attention! Drawing on a digital tablet can be really tricky. But, drawing on paper and having it auto convert to digital…. anyone can do that, right?
Price: $150-$169, Versions; Pocket (pictured), Sleeve (for tablets), iPad Air 2 case; : Amazon, Wacom.


Ever wish you could take pictures of layouts or ephemera with great results? This new product developed by a scrapbooker and her husband was the result of a successful kickstarter campaign. It’s a collapsible box, fitted with LED lights for perfect illumination. It has a hole on the top for your phone or DSLR camera. Simply place your layout or ephemera in the box and take your picture! If you wish to take 3-dimensional photos or product shots, you need the SideShot kit. This box holds a 12×12 layout and stores away easily.
Price: $129-$179, Versions: Bundle, ShotBox, SideShot; Available at:

Fujitsu ScanSnap

I admit, I have fantasies of going paperless. As a digi girl, that’s not so shocking is it? The Fujitsu line of ScanSnap scanners is known for their excellent scanning and automation capabilities. They have a desktop and mobile version of their smart wireless scanners. You can learn more about going paperless from David Sparks’ book Paperless ($9.99 in iBooks store). Price: $269-$409, Versions: iX100, iX500; Available at: Amazon, Fujitsu.

Edimax Travel Router

Ever stay in a hotel and fight with spotty internet when too many people are trying to access the wireless at the same time? This handy travel router allows you to create a private wireless connection to any wired router. You can also use this to access internet at family and friends’ homes if they don’t want to give our their wireless passwords. Just remember to take it with you when you leave! Price: $19, Versions; BR-6258nL; Available at: Amazon.

What new tech have you discovered?