Sleep Tight


{Sigh…} Oh how I adore Kate Hadfield and her incredible doodles! Really, I can’t even begin to explain how much I love her work and how my own kids have benefited from her designs (I use them often to create school materials). Her adorable doodle set, Sleep Tight, is just as sweet as can be. I can just see all the amazing layouts with photos of putting little ones to bed!

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Kate Hadfield’s contribution:


Layout by SharonS. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Template by Heather G; Papers by Bella Gypsy Designs; Font: Oh Hello Dy.


Layout by Natascha. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Weekend At Home (papers) by Kate Hadfield.


Layout by Bethany. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Papers by Kate Hadfield; Ribbons by Erica Zane and Penny Springmann; Template by Jady Day Studio.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Template by Scrapping with Liz; Miles of Smiles (paper) by Heather Roselli; Font: CK Jot.


Layout by Jennie. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Starlight, Star Bright by Traci Reed; Big Photo Templates 2 by Scrapping with Liz; Fonts: Traveling Typewriter, DJB Journal Your Life Scrip.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


I live with my husband, two young children and two dogs in a small town in North West England, between Liverpool and Manchester. Designing digital scrapbook products is my day job (and often my night job and weekend job too!) and when I am not designing you might find me out walking with my dogs in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, eating the odd chocolate (or two!), building dens with the kids, binge watching TV shows or reading on my beloved Kindle.



This is one of my favourite memories from our trip to Legoland, my son loved driving these little lego cars and queued up over and over again to have another go! I scanned in one of the “Driving Licences” he got from the ride to include in the layout, it’s always fun to include some memorabilia in my pages.



I started digi scrapping in early 2006, although I had been making photo collages and other graphics in Photoshop before then. I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts and after having my kids I had scaled down my bigger painting projects and was making hand drawn cards instead – much easier to manage with little toddlers in the house! One day I stumbled across a link to Scrapbook Bytes from a card making website and discovered the wonderful world of digital scrapbooking. I threw myself into scrapbooking and barely picked up a pencil for six months! About a year later I started designing almost by accident. I wanted a specific type of paper element for a layout I was working on and couldn’t find anything in the shops so decided to try making it myself. I really enjoyed the creative process (I hadn’t really done any crafting since taking up digital scrapbooking) and I ended up making some more bits and pieces and gave them away on my blog. A month later, I was selling at The Lilypad and I have been there ever since! Over the years designing has gone from being an off-shoot of my scrapbooking hobby to becoming my full-time job. It’s a more hands-on process where I get to be messy and play with paints and inks, whereas scrapping is my “me time” where I can relax and be creative without having to clean up the mess afterwards!


New art materials and a crisp new sketchbook always make me want to create! I really enjoy that hands-on non-digital part of my creative process and love to play around with paints and inks and the other contents of my art room. I have a huge list of themes to work on, some ideas come from my kids and their interests, some from my creative team and lots from customers who are looking for something specific for their layouts or paper crafting. The BYOC collections at the Lilypad are a fun challenge for me too, usually the theme of the doodle pack dictates what colours I will use but once a month it’s interesting to start with the colours and see where that takes me instead!


Computer: I use a Windows 7 desktop PC with dual widescreen monitors, an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. I have a solid state drive for my operating system and program files along with another two big hard drives for storage / backup. I also have another small drive that I use as a scratch disk for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Program: I use the Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom, although I still have a lot to learn with Lightroom! I still use ACDSee for cataloguing my photographs and digital supplies and RadLab for a lot of my photo editing. I also use Crashplan to back up, both to the cloud and to an internal back up on my PC.

Camera: I have a new Panasonic point and shoot camera that is my new best friend – it’s small enough to take everywhere with me and the spec is so much better than my old “big girl” camera! I also use my iPhone camera a lot for every day photos.

Anything Else: I have a Wacom tablet that I use for editing photos and my doodles, but I use a mouse for everything else. I have dreams of treating myself to the new Cintiq tablet one day! I also have a Canon scanner that I use to scan everything into Photoshop and cupboards full of art supplies!


I am not naturally a very organised person, but I have found a system that is working really well for me so I thought I would share it! For the past year or so I have been keeping a Bullet Journal, for everything from shopping lists to a monthly diary along with all my design related to-do lists and notes. I previously had a number of notebooks, scraps of paper and digital lists where I jotted stuff down but combining everything into one notebook has been really useful for me! I even took my journal away on holiday with me and used it as my holiday diary.

I’m using a Moleskine square notebook as my journal and I’m following the system suggested on the Bullet Journal website ( with a few tweaks (for example I use different coloured pens for each different category rather than different symbols).


I created this set of pirate doodles (and the companion pack of little pirate people) for my son, who was really interested in pirates for a while! He suggested a lot of the doodles for it, it was fun to work together to make something really personal for us both.



My most popular product is probably this pack of super hero doodles and the add-on pack that goes with it: Super Duper and Super Duper Too. Both of these kits are the result of some customer requests – quite often my favourite packs came from special requests! I’ve seen some really fun invitations and posters made with these doodles!



Here are some of my favorite products by Kate Hadfield:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Kate Hadfield’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







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Inspired by Kate Hadfield

The following layouts were created using “Sleep Tight” by Kate Hadfield and included in The Digi Files during October, 2015:

Layout by Mish. Supplies: Sleep Tight, Joodle Journalers 3, and Edgy Papers by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Rebecca. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Audaciously Awesome by Kim Jensen; Sketchbook Pages II by Kate Hadfield; Font: DJB I Love Me Some Aly.

Layout by Stephanie. Supplies: Sleep Tight, Edgy Papers, At Home Papers, Springity Paper (re-colored), Everyday Alpha (re-colored), and Blog Challenge Template by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Jenni. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Here Kitty, Kitty by Kate Hadfield; Deck the Halls (paper) by Kim Jensen.

Layout by Elaine. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Damayanti Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Sketchbook Pages III (papers) by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Dagi. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Cynthia. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Red, White & Blue (papers) by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Christa. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Big Top & Blast Off (papers) by Kate Hadfield; Font: Pea Pink Peaches Regular.


Layout by SharonS. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Template by Heather G; Papers by Bella Gypsy Designs; Font: Oh Hello Dy.


Layout by Natascha. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Weekend At Home (papers) by Kate Hadfield.


Layout by Bethany. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Papers by Kate Hadfield; Ribbons by Erica Zane and Penny Springmann; Template by Jady Day Studio.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Sleep Tight by Kate Hadfield; Template by Scrapping with Liz; Miles of Smiles (paper) by Heather Roselli; Font: CK Jot.


Celebrate October {Wacky Holidays!}

In September, we shared with you some of the crazy reasons to celebrate during the month. We had so much fun with it, we thought we’d do it again for October. It’s not just pumpkins and candy this month! There certainly are some other crazy ways to have a party! Let’s get celebrating!

October 2: World Smile Day

October 3: International Frugal Fun Day

October 5: Do something Nice Day

October 8: American Touch Tag Day

October 9: Moldy Cheese Day

October 12: Moment of Frustration Day

October 16: Boss’s Day

October 19: Evaluate Your Life Day

October 21: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

October 24: United Nations Day

October 25: World Pasta Day

October 30: National Candy Corn Day

Lightroom Features I Love: Create Virtual Copy

It’s been a while since I have shared some of my favorite Lightroom features. Lightroom is such a powerful tool and it completely changed everything about my photography and editing. It makes editing faster, easier, and more fun.

And as a non-destructive editor, it helps protect your photos!

As artists, we love to play around with photos. We often like to try different editing techniques on our photos. Well, Lightroom has a great feature built right in! It keeps our photos safe while we play!

Let’s say I am in Lightroom and I am editing this picture:

I’ve edited it in color, but I want to see what it looks like black and white. Or, maybe I want both versions (which is usually the case when I am editing for clients).

It’s easy. Lightroom is a non-destructive editor (it keeps instructions for each photo rather than changing the photo itself). If I want to keep a second (or third, fourth, or fifth) set of instructions so I can have different versions of my photo, I simply have to right click on the photo in filmstrip at the bottom of the screen. Then I select create virtual copy.

Selecting that option creates a second and identical photo in the filmstrip. I can play as much as I like, even creating more and more copies. My original photo is safe (as always) and I get to have multiple versions. The nice thing is, though, I don’t have to time up hard drive space with actual versions of the photo…just separate instruction files. In the filmstrip, you will see a curling page icon at the bottom left of the thumbnail, as well as a 2 of 2 marking, indicating this is a virtual copy.

Now I can have a black and white and version.

If I play around and decide I don’t like it, it’s easy to get rid of. Just right click the thumbnail again and choose remove photo.

Oh Lightroom, how I love thee!

Falling for Fridays!

This IS My Happy Face by Erica Zane at Sweet Shoppe Designs is full of fab colors, fun elements and a lot of sarcasm! Perfect for all sorts of pages.


Liz has released her next set in her Calendar Templates, make sure you get those calendars done early this year! She also has a fun set of Swirl Templates. Both sets are 20% OFF!


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No tricks! You’re in for a treat! “Tricks and Treats” is a fun new digital scrapbooking collection from Meagan’s Creations with fun and cute elements for the Halloween season! Save 30% off the kit and all extra packs through Sunday, October 4th or save 40% off the bundle!


A collection of 20 – 12 X 12 Artsy and blended layered templates designed to create a 20-page album, plus a BONUS cover set for photo book printing. In in Photoshop, Elements and Paint Shop Pro, simply clip your images to the FotoBlendz masks and add your own personalization through DigitalART supplies and words. Discounted by 50% through Friday October 2, 2015 at 9 am EDT only.


This template set was inspired by Daily Digi team member Jacki! I just love how they came out. This set is on sale for 20% off through Sunday.


Amber has a fun set of doodled stickers and stamps for BYOC that are great for so many pages documenting your fall memories. Grab them for 20% off thru Sunday!


Here’s a sweet new kit by Heather T. with vintage illustrations and tons of elements! 20% off at MScraps until Oct. 4.


Come and see Photoshop Elements LIVE! Melissa will be walking you through the new features and answering your questions on October 4 at 9pm Eastern.


Check out this fantastic value: the Forget Me Not collection by Blue Flower Art


Bee Tree Studios is guesting this month! Check out this “haunting” Special Edition Collection “Grinning Ghosts.. There are even matching pocket cards, sale ends October 4th!


Here is the new funky templates pack from Jimbo Jambo Designs that also guesting this month!


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That’s it for today!

Welcome the Designers of TDF#82

The Digi Files this month, we have SEVEN full size products (never released in digiland before) from fabulous designers for only $7.50 (less when you become an annual member)! It’s an UNBELIEVEABLE deal and the BEST deal in digital scrapbooking! Here is a look at the designers for this month:

Kate Hadfield

Dunia Designs

The Daily Digi

Heather Roselli Designs

Yin Designs

River Rose

Meta Wulandari

Our members love “Daily Digi Day!” Many of the annual members have already been downloading for a few hours because they get access when the calendar changes to a new month. Here’s what our members said in the comments yesterday:

This was my first month as a member and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the kits is exceptional and there is enough in this month’s offerings alone to keep me busy for a long while! – jcadiram

PS: Congratulations to the FOURTEEN random winners selected from yesterday’s comments, each person won $10 in product from one of last month’s designers. Be sure to check out the Rafflecopter widget in yesterday’s post to see if you won! All winners will receive their prize via the email listed in Rafflecopter within 48 hours.