Watercolour and Photo Blend

Watercolour and Photo Blend

I recently put together a page and I tried a new-to-me technique of blending a watercolour image with a photograph. I really liked the effect on the scrapbook page. Here’s my finished layout with the blended images:

Supplies: Create, Captivate and Inspire by Captivated Visions, mask by Anna Aspnes

Make a Watercolour Using Waterlogue

Last year, Janet shared the watercolour mobile app Waterlogue on The Daily Digi. I was so inspired by the app and all of its creative features!

To use the app, first I chose the image that I wanted to scrapbook and opened it in the Waterlogue app. I played with the presets and chose my favourite to turn it into a faux-watercolour. I exported the full-size image and saved it to my computer.

Here’s the watercolour I was working with:

Blending the Watercolour with the Photo

On my scrapbook layout in Photoshop, I added the original photograph and then layered the watercolour directly over it. I resized the two images so that they generally aligned.

I added a layer mask to the watercolour image and used a soft brush to “paint out” the watercolour image, which revealed the original image below. Here is a close-up of the effect:

As you can see, the blending is soft and the watercolour merges gently into the original photograph.

This is a fun way to add a dreamy, creative touch a page! I hope you try it out!