The Creative Life {free printable poster}

“To live a creative life, we must give up our fear of being wrong.”

I love this quote so much! I spend so much of my time being afraid of failing. My mother tells the story of me learning to walk: I refused to do it for anyone but she would often see me “practice” in my crib. Once I finally performed for others, I could run. Apparently I have never been too fond of this failing thing.

I don’t like to fail. I especially don’t like to fail if others can see. And yet, if I want my creativity to grow, I must be willing to try and expect to make mistakes. Sometimes life’s most beautiful things were from someone’s “mistake.”

I created this poster using Vinnie Pearce’s Watercoulor Papers, part of this month’s Digi Files.

You can download this free printable HERE. Hang it up and remember to let go of the fear!

Once you are in Dropbox, right click and choose download. Resize if necessary, print, write, and send! It only takes a few minutes to brighten someone’s day or to give yourself the reminder you need.