On or Off the Page?

On or Off the Page?

I have noticed that some digital scrapbookers prefer to keep all of their elements entirely on the page. Other scrapbookers scrapbook right to the edge of pages, allowing elements like leaves and flowers to disappear off the edge of the canvas. Personally, I like and use both styles.

Staying on the Page

On the pages below, all of the elements and papers used in the design are kept on the canvas.

The first example is designed around a mat that is slightly smaller than the 12×12 page. On the second example, all of the design is clustered around a central photo collage.

On both pages, all of the elements are shown whole on the page.

Supplies: A Taste of Summer by Studio Basics and Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

Supplies: True Friend by Tickled Pink Studio, Background Noise Vol 2 by Jenn Barrette, {not so perfect} masks #1 by Studio Basic

Off the Page

On the pages below, some of the elements fall off the edge of the page. It’s a creative option available to digital scrapbookers. Although it is less “realistic”, I like the fullness of these pages.

Supplies: EZ Albums v.13 by Erica Zane, EZ Albums v.13 Stitches by Erica Zane, So Routine : The Collection by Amanda Yi

Supplies: Blink of An Eye by Traci Reed and KCB, Into the Woods by KCB, Miss Merry Sunshine by Erica Zane, Background Noise by Jenn Barrette, Extra Extra by Traci Reed and KCB, Dandelion Wishes by Jenn Barrette, Waiting for the Rain alpha by Shawna Clingerman, Mad About Metal Alpha by Shawna Clingerman, Give Me More Arrows by Shawna Clingerman, Social Butterfly by Jenn Barrette and Allison Pennington, Come Together by Melissa Bennett

Do you scrapbook with all of your elements on the page or do you let them go over the edge of the canvas?