12 Awesome Scrapbook Pages with MAPS!

I was looking through my layouts from the past year and I came across one from when we were planning our big road trip.

I loved that even though I didn’t have any photos (we were still in the planning stage of our trip), I was able to still document the process. By mapping our trip out online, I just saved my image and used it for my page. It’s even more fun for me to look at now since our route actually changed quite a bit from when I made it.

This got me thinking that I really wanted to see what other scrapbook pages I could find with MAPS! And I found so many amazing ones. Here are 12 awesome scrapbook pages with MAPS!

I love how each of the artists uses maps in new and creative ways. Now I have so many ideas!

(all images are linked to source)

P.S. Up, and Away! by Flergs and Wanderlust by Blagovesta Goshea are both great travel kits and are part of this month’s DIGI GAME! $7.50 gets you SEVEN full size products AND the Playbook, our ezine!