A to Z at The Daily Digi

A to Z at The Daily Digi

I often browse the archived articles at the Daily Digi. There is a bounty of information to be found there. I put together an A to Z of some great articles and categories that I think are worth revisiting.

A is for Actions!Lights, Camera, Actions! shows us all about actions (pre-recorded steps in Photoshop) and how to use them in scrapbooking.

B is for Brushes! – Learn how to create brushes from PNG files.

C is for Contributor Features! – The monthly contributor features are a fun way to “meet” designers and learn some of the best tips and tricks.

D is for Drop Shadows! – We have a plethora of drop shadow articles. One of my favourites is To Shadow or Not to Shadow? where Katie showed us some layouts with and without shadows – and what a difference they make!

E is for Everyday! – Everyday photography that is. We learned how to use Lego minifigures to practice photograpy

F is for Fonts! – I’m an avid font collector. Every few months I like to share a few of my favourites here.

G is for Gray! – Stef showed us how to turn our gray skies blue.

H is for Him! – All about how to get Dad in the picture.

I is for Interesting! – I’m thinking about participating in Ali Edwards’ December Daily project this year… Luckily Katie the Scrapbook Lady shared tips for those of us who worry that our lives aren’t interesting enough for December Daily.

J is for Journal Cards! – I love working with journal cards, and keeping them organized means being able to make the most of the ones that I have in my stash.

K is for Kids! – My daughter is 9 and really wants to start digi scrapbooking. I’ve started her with phonebooking (see below) and we do some really basic scrapping in Photoshop together.

L is for Layout Design! – One of my go-to tricks is to move the entire design around the page.

M is for Masks! Using masks to erase backgrounds from photos is a trick used in photography all the time, but it’s an equally good trick to apply to digital scrapbooking.

N is for Notepad! – How do you gather memories? When inspiration strikes, I need to write things down right away or else it’s gone forever.

O is for Opacity! Adjusting opacity is an easy way to blend items together and mimic velum.

P is for Phonebooking! – Steph is my phonebooking hero. I’m giving it a go with some of my vacation photos!

Q is for Questions!Asking your family questions is an easy way to develop journaling for your next scrapbook page.

R is for Rotate! – Part of the top 10 reasons to love templates, you can rotate them, shrink and expand them, flip them, and move all the pieces around.

S is for Style!Styles are an important Photoshop tool. I use them all the time for drop shadows. I want to use more of them for making titles and simple elements.

T is for Tags!Tags are a key part of my organization system for digital scrapbooking supplies. But there are many other ways to organize – the trick is to find the one that works for you.

U is for Underline! – Making your own journal lines is easy and there are a few different ways to try it.

V is for Volume!Power scrapping tricks can help you quickly make a lot of pages.

W is for Ways to Use Paint!Paint is fun and, in digital scrapbooking, it’s mess-free!

X is for eXcellent Conversations! Scrapbooking fun conversations is easy and special.

Y is for Yellow! Communicating with colour can have a big impact.

Z is for for ctrl-Z! – And all of our other favourite Photoshop shortcuts!