Quick and Easy Hybrid Mailer

When I was in high school, my friends and from camp and I used to write each other letters on a regular basis. This was before many people had email (yes, I’m that old!) and so actual written letters were the name of the game. We used decorate our envelopes and add all sorts of fun stickers and designs to the outside.

Then we upped our game a bit. One day I decided to rip out a bunch of colorful pages from a magazine. Then I took an envelope and unglued all the edges and traced it onto cardboard. I then cut out the design and had my very own envelope template. From those magazine pages we made HUNDREDS of envelopes. With a white sticker on front to add the address, they were not only the coolest envelopes around but also the most economical!

And yes, the post office WOULD mail them!

Well, with the plethora of digi supplies available to us, the process of creating quick and colorful envelopes is even easier!

I love Up, and Away! by Flergs in this month’s Digi Files. When you become a member of The Digi Game, you get this kit AND six more for just $7.50!

In order to make my envelope, I grabbed a template by Miss Tiina.

Then I grabbed a few papers and some elements from Up, and Away!

I created two 8.5×11 documents, both with the template in the same place (I just duplicated the first document to ensure my templates would exactly line up.)

Next I clipped my papers to the templates and added the airplane and white strips.

Then I flattened, saved, and printed the first side. Once it was done printing, I put the flipped the paper over and printed the second document. This allowed my outline to match up perfectly.

I simply cut, folded, glued, and called it done!

You can make your own or download mine RIGHT HERE. Once you are in Dropbox, right click and choose download. Resize if necessary, print, write, and send!