Slow and Intentional

It’s a new week. A new month. A new school year. Move over January, August is here.

As you start this new week/month/year, I want to encourage you to be SLOW and INTENTIONAL. New beginnings offer us a chance to do things differently.

Rather than rush through each day, finding a checked-off to-do list of much more value than an enjoyed moment, let us slow down and be present in each moment.

As memory keepers, we care about the little moments. However, I know I have often been more concerned with capturing the moment and making it look good than about really appreciating and enjoying it. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but I do think the amount of appreciation we have for something directly correlates with how much we slow down to truly enjoy it.

It’s far to easy to rush, rush, rush and miss the beauty of the small moments.

Slow down. Be intentional. Enjoy your moments.

P.S. I have a serious thing for spider webs. You can see more of my photos from a recent walk HERE.