Load Files Into Stack: Working With Alphas

Load Files Into Stack: Working With Alphas

Do you avoid alphas because you don’t like individually opening all of those alpha files and dragging them onto your scrapbook page?

Today I’m going to show you a fast way to make titles with alphas – by making use of the Photoshop Scripts menu!

First, go to the File>Scripts>Load Files Into Stack menu:

From the browse menu, select all of the alpha letters that you need in your title. My title is going to be Awesome:

If you look very closely, you’ll see that the “e” is only chosen once because you can’t load the same file more than once. All that means is that we’ll have to duplicate the “e” alpha letter once it’s on the page.

After hitting “OK”, Photoshop will stack all of the chosen alpha letters into a separate file, like this:

Select all of the letters in the layers palette by clicking on the top letter, holding down the SHIFT key, and selecting the bottom letter. Now drag them onto your scrapbook page layout:

Now just arrange the letters in order and align the edges (if you want) and add drop shadows. Don’t forget to duplicate any letters that you need more than one of!

There you go! A super fast way to work with alphas. Try it out!