Making Journal Lines on Scrapbook Pages

I love the look of handwritten text on journal lines. It’s really easy to mimic the look in Photoshop! First, let’s start with a block of handwritten text.

Option 1 – Underline in Font palette

The quickest way to get underlined text is to just select the underline option in the Font palette (highlighted).

This will look like this:

Option 2 – Lines on a separate layer

If you’d like the lines a little closer to the text, try creating a separate layer and typing the underscore “________”. Use the same font or a different one, playing with the weight of the line by making it bold (or not) and adjusting the line spacing as needed.

The result:

Option 3 – Draw lines using the line tool

First, create a new blank layer. Using the line tool, hold down shift, draw the line where you’d like it to be. Repeat for each line. Tip: If the line is too thin or thick, adjust the weight of the line and then redraw it.

This will look like:

So that’s three ways to accomplish the same thing! There are probably more too! Do you do draw lines one the three ways above – or have another tip to share?