MY SOCIAL BOOK: A Happy Customer Review

A while back I posted a tutorial on downloading your Facebook info. With so many of us using Facebook as a memory keeping tool, it is important for us to have a way to get our memories OFF of Facebook.

While I was thrilled with the option to download all of my info, My Social Book is a zillion times better.

This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by My Social Book. I’m just a happy customer that wants to pass on her experience to other like-minded memory keepers!

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, My Social Book is a company that will “slurp up” your Facebook information and print it all in a book. You can do softcover, hardcover, create a friendship book or a love story book. I only have my experience and choices, so that is what you get today!

I had seen links for MSB on Facebook a few times, but thought it was just one more thing wanting my money. But at some point a few months ago, I checked my promotional emails in gmail (something I rarely do) and saw a 60% off coupon for one book. Now that gave me reason to pause!

I went to the site and started looking at my options. You have the ability to choose your time frame and what you want to have included. I knew I wanted to do the biggest book possible since the 60% was only good for one item. In the end, I was able to put two years into one book, so I did 2013 and 2014.

They allow you to choose a timeline image and a profile image from your galleries. They print them on the front as well as the date range.

They also put your name and the date range on the spine. And by the way, please excuse the amazing spectrum of white colors in my photos. My white balance wasn’t playing nicely on my camera 🙁

In the inside cover, they again put your name and the date range along with your profile picture. On the left side, there is a collage of photos. If I remember correctly, I had the choice between a collage of my friends’ profile pictures or a collage of my own photos. I chose the latter.

On the next page is my most popular photo—according to their calculation—complete with the number of likes. The opposite page is a table of contents.

On the next page starts to actual book. They break the book into chapters, by month or group of months (I am assuming it depends on how much content you have for a particular month). They highlight a few photos, mention where you were, and give a bit of other information such as photos shared and number of likes.

In each “chapter”, they include the cover photo you had at the time. I love that! They then add in your status updates and photos.

They also include some private messages from friends. I think you can choose which content they add.

I love that I have all of these fun memories saved and I didn’t have to do any of the work. In all seriousness, I think I spent about FIVE MINUTES creating my book. They do it ALL!

The scrapbook layouts I shared are there (not all of them…don’t know how they choose).

My yummy food pictures are there (as well as the link to the recipe I posted!)

Posts on my wall from sweet friends are there…

Pictures I was tagged in are there….

Fun days with scrapping friends are there…

Bittersweet memories are there….

Very happy memories are there…

One of the coolest features that I didn’t know about until I received my book is that if you post a video, they create a QR Code to go next to the photo so you can watch it. Seriously! How cool is that?

And this is the back inside cover. If only they would have allowed me to change the text in the box…

I hope this review helps some of you who have considered giving My Social Book a try. Even without the coupon, it would have been totally worth it (in case you are wondering, my book was 270 pages and the regular price would have been $100 for a hardcover book, but with the coupon, I only paid $40.

Facebook (for better or for worse) has been a big part of my life since 2007. Living all over the world, it has allowed me to stay in contact with friends and family in ways I would have never thought possible. I have shared some of my most special moments (including announcing the pregnancies and births of three of my children), I have shared many hilarious quotes from my kids (that I don’t have written down anywhere else!), and I have made some wonderful friends who I only know through the strange world of social media.

I can’t wait to get other books made!