Quickly Shadow a Template

Quickly Shadow a Template

I love templates with lots of paper layers, but I don’t like adjusting the shadows on each and every layer individually to make them consistent with my style. Luckily, there’s an easy way to adjust all layer shadows at the same time!

Let’s start with a page I made recently that features a lot of paper:

Supplies: Brook’s Templates – Singleton 19 – Miss Junie by Brook Magee, Lead Not Follow by Jenn Barrette

1 – Open Template and select all layers.

To start the page, I used this template:

Optional: If you don’t use a preset Layer Style, then first shadow one paper and then select Layer>Layer Style>Copy Layer Style. Then go on with the rest of these (really easy) steps.

In the layers palette, select the top layer and then, while holding down SHIFT, select the bottom layer. This will select all of the layers.

I like to select all of the layers because I am going to delete the elements guides anyway, so it doesn’t matter how they’re shadowed. If you’d like, you can select only the paper layers – but this will take a bit more time and you have to be careful not to miss any paper layers.

2 – Apply layer style

I use a commercially purchased drop shadow, so I just select the paper layer style I like to use from my layer style palette.

If you copied your layer style in the first step, then just select Layer>Layer Style>Paste Layer Style to apply it.

And that’s it! Now all of the paper layers are pre-shadowed with my favourite paper shadows and the template is ready to be used.