When Inspiration Strikes

When Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration is all around us! The important thing to do is to write down the ideas when they arrive so that they aren’t lost.

Here are nine easy ways that you can capture your ideas so that you can scrap more:

1. Write It In a Notebook

A physical notebook, especially one small enough to fit in your purse, is the easiest and most low-tech solution for saving ideas. Just pull it out and write everything down.

2. Keep a File

You can open a text or Word file on your computer and save your ideas locally.

3. Save It In On Your Smartphone

There are so many apps that you can use to capture your notes. You could use something as simple as the native notes app on your phone. Voice memos are another option.


4. Be an Evernoter

Steph wrote about using Evernote to organize her notes and ideas. It’s a great web-based tool for saving ideas and has a smartphone app that make it a great solution for at home and on the go.

5. Save it to Google Drive

I use Google Drive to keep a running list of ideas to scrap.

My husband and I also share a few files where we both jot down thoughts about the kids and conversations that we’ve had with them. It’s a resource I’ve used many times to create scrapbook pages.

6. Add Notes to Pictures

I save my photos in Lightroom and add notes to the metadata. Then, when I go to scrapbook the photos, some of the journaling is already done and easy to copy and paste into my layout.

If you’re a Flickr user or use Facebook albums, you can also add notes to each photo online.

7. Pinterest

If you’re inspired by another person’s idea or a great tutorial, pin it on Pinterest. I have pinboards for inspiring layouts, tutorials, journaling ideas, Photoshop tricks, and so much more. It’s a fantastic resource.

8. Use Social Media

I use Facebook to share cute things that my kids say and some of our family activities. I set up distribution lists so that I share these memories with a limited number of family and really close friends, rather than with acquaintances. I reference my posts all the time when I’m making layouts.

9. Collect App

The Collect App lets you save photos and notes about events in your life that you might want to scrapbook. It also makes a nice photo calendar for the month so that you can see your days at a glance.

Collect app

So that’s nine easy ideas! What are your favourite ways to save your sparks of inspiration?