Artzy Process

It’s so easy to be intimidated by products that are new to us or differ from our usual style. But sometimes all it takes it getting a few behind-the-process tips to help us realize that we can try something new and end up with something we love. Here are a few process tips using Anna Aspnes’ templates from this month’s Digi Files.

Linda’s Layout

by Linda. Supplies: Artsy Templates Multi Pack 5; ArtPlay Palette Posy;
MultiMedia Spring No. 2; Artsy Transfers Capture; JazzedUp LoopDaLoop
No. 5; Spring WordArt No. 2; AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 4; AnnaBlendz Artsy
No. 3; UrbanThreadz No. 5; and ArtPlay Palette Fall No. 2 by Anna
Linda’s Process

For this layout, I dragged over all the layers of Artsy
Template5_5 on to a new document. I clipped my photos to the photo masks
and then began working on the background. The blended photo is below
the textures and some stains but above the transfers, splatters, stains
and paint of the template. I deleted a few layers after adding 7 layers
of artsy transfer_4 for texture just above solid paper_2. I used artsy
brushes 3_7 and 4_3 to blend the larger photo into the background. I
recolored some of the stains to coordinate with my photos. I added the
multimedia spring flower and used a hue saturation layer to adjust the
color. I also adjusted the color on an overlay from AP Posy on the
right. I added the jazzed up loop and replaced the star with a button I
recolored. Finally I added the word art for a title, gave it a stroke
and a drop shadow.

Wendy’s Notes

When I read through Linda’s process, I realized that most of what she did was just a matter of layering items in a particular order to get the effect she wanted. Anna already did most of the work with the template. She really only used 2 brushes to help blend the photo until she was happy with it. I also noticed how she used quite a few of Anna’s products along side these templates. When trying out a new style, it can help to choose several items from the same designer so it ties it all together without having to make additional creative decisions.

Monique’s Layout

by Monique. Artsy Template Multipak 5, ArtPlay Palette Family, Family WordMix No. 1, ArtPlay
Chevron Sun Fun, ArtsyCameras No. 3, ScriptTease Learn No. 1, Time
WordART No. 3, and Remember WordArt 1 by Anna Aspnes.

Monique’s Process

I opened template No. 3 from the Template
MultiPack 5 and added the ArtsyPaper no. 1 from the Artplay Palette
Family. I clipped the Chevron Sun Fun paper to the big paint layer. I
dragged my photos onto the layout and clipped them to the photo masks in
the template.

I duplicated the
photo on the left and placed it in the left corner of my page. I added a
layer mask on it and brushed away the parts I didn’t want to show with a
black brush. I applied the Linear light blending mode with an opacity
of 45%.

I duplicated the photo once more and applied the blending mode vivid light, opacity 100%.

the template are several paint, stains, and splatters layers. I
recolored them all in different colors. I chose/selected the colors from
the background paper.

I added an artsy camera, some wordart
& wordmix and the scripttease text on my layout. I placed a button
on the photo frames and then my layout was finished.

Wendy’s Notes

Monique wasn’t afraid to play with Photoshop’s blending modes and element colors. Linear burn and linear light are two of my favorite blending modes. But Monique took it a step further and duplicated her photo and applied a second blending mode to it. By combining linear light and vivid light, she got the look she wanted. Don’t be afraid to play. You may not know or understand what the layer modes are doing, and that’s okay. Just try one. If you don’t like it, try another. Or adjust the opacity of the layer. Combine two or more together and just play until you get something you love. Then, write it down so you can try it again the next time!

The second thing she did was sample the background paper to help her recolor the paint, stains and splatters. I often recolor things based on my photo or papers. There are many different ways to recolor things, including clipping a color layer above it and changing the blending mode, adding a color overlay layer effect or locking down the transparency of the layer and filling it with the foreground color. All 3 can have slightly different results, so play!

Wendy’s Layout

by Wendy. Artsy Template Multipack 5 by Anna Aspnes; Studio Mix 89: Let the Rain Wash Away collab by The Studio Girls; Imperfect (word art) by Studio Unica; Antiquated News (papers) by Dawn Inskip.

Wendy’s Process

I started wtih template #2. I knew I wanted to use Studio Dawn’s news papers clipped to some of the blended layers so I brought those in first. Then I added my background paper. I wanted to use an artsy paper so that some of the work was already done for me. Artsy blended papers are a great way to get a magnificent look without much time spent since the designer did the blending for me.

Next, I removed the photo layers and replaced it with the word art that I wanted to be the focal point of the page. For my title, I dragged in the word art, clipped a paper to it, then duplicated the gesso word art and placed it over the paper, changing the blend mode to linear burn. I played with the opacity on those 3 layers.

Next I recolored the paint bits by sampling the background like Monique suggested. On some of them, I changed the blending modes, playing with different ones until I was happy. I also locked down the layer transparency and painted over part of the word art with yellow, green and red.

Finally, I dressed it up with some flower petals and then pulled that same pink color into some of the paint.

Wendy’s Notes

I hope you’re inspired to grab one of Anna’s templates this week and just play!