Podcasts for Creatives

I love podcasts. Seriously, love them! They engage my mind, inspire creativity and provide company while I work home alone. I love podcasts so much, I even listen to podcasts about podcasting! The DigiShow was my all-time favorite podcast, but when it ended last year, I went out in search of some new listening material. Here is what is currently on my podcast playlist.


Paperclipping Roundtable
Coffee Time with Sandra and Lisa
The DigiScrap Geek Podcast
Pocket Talk with Jess Forster
Scrapbooking Inspriation Podcast with Melissa Shanhun
The Scrap Gals Podcast


This American Life


Capture Your 365
The Candid Frame

Technology & Science

Mac Power Users
Stuff You Should Know

The Arts

Adventures in Arting
Design Matters with Debbie Millman
Ted Talks Radio Hour

Productivity and Podcasting

The Audacity to Podcast
The Podcaster’s Roundtable
Beyond the To Do List
Elise Gets Crafty

The Incomparable
ONCE: The Unofficial Once Upon A Time Podcast
Person of Interest Podcast
Podcast of Interest
The Walking Deadcast
The Talking Dead

If you get addicited to podcasts, I highly recommend checking out Overcast and Downcast, two iPhone apps that bring more features to your listening experience. I’ve recently switched to Overcast for it’s ability to create Playlists and for Smart Speed technology that compresses silent gaps for quicker listening!

Do you have a favorite podcast to share? I’m always looking to add something new to my list!