Emphasizing Paper or Elements

Emphasizing Paper or Elements

Some of my pages feature paper heavily. Some of them use relatively little paper but are heavier on elements like paint, flowers and labels. Generally I can tell when I look at a kit, which direction I’ll likely take it.

Emphasizing the Paper

If there are bold and fun colours, with a mix of black and white to serve as contrast, I like to focus on the papers in a kit. I do this by creating many, many paper layers.

On the page below, I featured a lot of paper by creating shapes like rounded rectangles and circles and then clipping papers to them. I still used elements like the triangles and labels an buttons, but the papers are the clear star of the page.

Supplies: Home Is Where The Art Is by Sweet Shoppe Designs

Emphasizing the Elements

My element heavy pages are generally designed around a small number of pieces that just called to me in the kit.

On this page, I loved the mixed-media paint element and designed all of the page around it. It came together very quickly by just pulling in elements, adjusting their size and testing them out in various spots around the page.

Supplies: … And All That Is Ok by Studio Basic

Do you notice that you emphasize paper or elements more on your pages? Or does it depend on the kit you are using?