You know that stranded island game, when you have to decided what you would take if you were to be stranded on a deserted island? I always have a list of /c/ sound words:







If only my husband would change his name to Chris or Kurt, I would be all set.

I live a pretty simple life and if I could just have these five /c/ things, I would be all set. I really don’t want to imagine life without any of them. At age eight, though, coffee became my first love.

Given my affection for the dark perfection, this week’s TECH TALK makes me especially giddy. With six kids in the house, I can imagine all the mess, but someday when we’re empty nesters, this is going on my nightstand:

Yep, the Barisieur is an alarm clock that brews your coffee right next to your bed! I LOVE getting up early (and no, that’s not sarcastic…4:00 am is my favored wake-up time). I love the days when my husband senses I am awake and he goes to make me coffee and then brings it to me in bed (after which he promptly falls back asleep). But with this alarm clock, no braving the cold outside of the covers is needed. You can even add your milk and sugar!

Check it out and and be sure to scroll through all the images. I can’t wait!