Wait for the Moment

Patience isn’t something that comes naturally for me, but I am improving.

Waiting for anything is hard, whether in be in parenting, in life, or in memory keeping.

When I have my camera out, I often see something in front of me that I want to capture. But it’s more than just a scene I want to capture, it’s a feeling in my heart. My photos aren’t just to record what I see, but also what I feel.

It’s easy for me to get frustrated when the vision in my head and heart don’t match what I see on the back of my camera. However, I am learning that often the missing ingredient is simply waiting.

If I calm down and just wait (with camera ready), the moment usually comes. I snap a lot of photos I will eventually throw away, but as I watch with my eyes and heart ready, I wait for the moment and I click.

Take, for example, the photo above. I was standing in the kitchen watching my one-year-old eat my his oatmeal with a spoon far too big for him. I was looking at him thinking how big he looked and how small he looked at the same time. He’s a big boy now — feeding himself and insisting on doing things without help. On the other hand, he’s still a little boy and his large bowl and spoon (which he took from me) made me realize how small he still is.

I wanted so desperately to capture the feeling on my camera. So, I waited. I took a lot of photos, but because I waited and kept snapping, I finally got the image I saw in my heart.

And I got a few others in the process 🙂

I encourage you to slow down with your photos. Ask yourself, “What is it that I want to remember? What do I feel in my heart? Have I captured it? If not, what could I do to get it? Do I need to wait? Do I need to change my angle?”

Capturing photos you love often takes patience, but the results are worth it!

Supplies: Beary Much by Erica Zame, alpha from Little Boy by Sugary Fancy (both products part of February’s Digi Files). Brush alpha (you love) is Markerific by CD Muckosky.