Altering Stamped Titles

Stamped titles are one of my favorite scrapbooking techniques. I love the handmade look they give my pages and I love the variety of styles that are available. I probably have at least ten different title stamp sets and I have used all of them…a lot!

When I was finishing this layout, I knew I wanted to use a stamped title. However, once I added it, it just seemed too small and the page didn’t feel balanced.

However, if I enlarged the the title, it would be laying over the paper strips. If this were a paper layout, I wouldn’t stamp over my paper.

And yet, I really liked the bigger title and felt that it balanced my page. And so, I decided to add a paper backing, which would look very natural laying over the paper strips.

In order to do this, I first merged my four stamped letters into one layer (with each layer selected, hit command/control E). Then, holding down the command key (I am on a Mac, use control for PC), I clicked on the thumbnail image in my layers palette. This selected all of the pixels of the layer.

Next, I went to select > modify > expand, and chose 25 pixels.

As you can see, my selected area is now 25 pixels larger than the title itself.

Next, with my area still selected, I created a new layer UNDER my stamped title layer (holding the command/control key while you press the new layer icon in the layers palette will automatically place the new layer underneath).

Then, I went to edit > fill selection and chose white as my color.

I added a shadow and…DONE!

Now doesn’t this look much better?