A Family Photo Book Project for 2015

A Family Photo Book Project for 2015

I’ve been doing annual digital pocket albums for a few years now. Now that 2015 is here, I’m excited to start my new album! As always, some things about my project worked well and I’ll keep doing them. Other details will change to give a fresh take on the project.

Here’s what is staying the same for 2015:

Using 3×4 and 4×6 spots: There are so many amazing products sized for 3×4 and 4×6 spots that I knew I had to keep using spots in these sizes.

Keeping the same journaling font all year: In past years I’ve used a typewriter font and loved how a consistent font tied the whole set of pages together, even though I used different products and colour schemes on each 2 page spread. This year I’m choosing the classic, clean and simple Century Gothic as the journaling font for my album.

Here is what is changing:

Album Printing: I’m going to print my entire album as a 10×10 photobook rather than as individual pages. It will take up less space and I can just print out three copies at once (one for me and one for each of my kids). It will feel more like a “yearbook” and will take up less real estate on my bookshelf. With the move to photo book printing, I also added a thick white border around my pages to ensure perfect printing at the end of the year.

No more shadows: I’m going to use a totally flat photobook style this year.

A lot more white: I really want my photos to take centre stage. So, I’m using a plain white background and making liberal use of white in journaling card spots.

Free Flowing: In past years, I’ve gone week-by-week. This year, I’m aiming for roughly that, by I’m not incorporating weekly numbering in case I want to have a few pictures from one week spill over onto the next set of pages.

The first four pages of my 2015 album look like this:

Here are the left and right sides close up:

Supplies: Pocket Scraps Templates 1 by Misty Cato, Cindy’s Layered Cards: January Edition by Cindy Schneider, Document It – Papers #3 by Studio Basic

Supplies: Pocket Life ’15: January Collection by Traci Reed

My goal is to have a photo book at the end of the year that showcases my photos and lets me tell little details about our family life in 2015.

Are you doing a year-long project in 2015? Tell us about it in the comments!