Patchwork Memories

According to Wikipedia, Eliza Caroline “Lida” Obenchain was an American author, women’s rights advocate and suffragist from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Lida Obenchain, writing under the pen name Eliza Calvert Hall, was widely known early in the twentieth century for her short stories featuring an elderly widowed woman, “Aunt Jane,” who plainly spoke her mind about the people she knew and her experiences in the rural south.

I hadn’t heard of her before, but I came across this quote of hers and I love it.

I remember being back in high school and watching, How to Make an American Quilt. I loved the idea of quilting and telling stories. That was the same time in my life I got interested in scrapbooking and memory keeping, and I loved how much the two crafts had in common. I think it’s still true today.

As scrapbookers, Eliza’s strong sentiment still lives strong.

Patchwork? Scrapbooking? Ah, no! It was memory, imagination, history, biography, joy, sorrow, philosophy, religion, romance, realism, life, love, and death; and over all, like a halo, the love of the artist for his work and the soul’s longing for earthly immortality.