Stretching Your Stash: Star Wars Birthday Party

One of the things I have loved about learning digital scrapbooking is that it has allowed me to do so much more than just scrap. Using my knowledge and my digi stash, I have been able to create all sorts of things including educational supplies, magazine layouts, home decor, beautiful gifts, and more. With our stash of great stuff, so much is possible!

Last May, my son turned 10. We were getting ready to move (just six days later!) and he really wanted to have a party. Although it was a busy time, we decided to do it so that he could have a chance to say goodbye to all his friends.

Like many boys his age, Star Wars is always on his mind. Naturally, he wanted a Star Wars party. Having never seen the movies myself, I was a little scared. But with the help of the the internet and especially Pinterest, I knew that I could use my digi stash to come up with something fun and memorable.

First, I went searching in my digi supplies. I found an old kit by Traci Reed and Julie Billingsley (the kit is now retired…sorry!)

I also went searching for the perfect font and found Star Jedi on DaFont.

Then, after spending a lot of time on Pinterest, I got to work.

First up was the invitation. I found the wording on Pinterest and after tweaking the colors in the kit, I was happy.

After the invites were printed and delivered, there was much work to be done. I worked with my son to decide on games, decorations, and food. We were living in Indonesia and so our supplies to work with were limited, but we had a great time and pulled off a great party. I couldn’t have done it without my digi stash!

So, have you ever used your digi supplies for a party? I’d love to hear all about it!