Pre-Scrapping Christmas

I have a Christmas scrapbook album. There are very few pages. This doesn’t make sense, seeing as on any given Christmas I take close to 500 photos.

I never have any plans of scrapping tons of pages…after all, I have some thoughts on scrapping big events. I’m actually okay with not scrapping everything, but as it is, I scrap almost nothing.

Why is this?

Because by the time Christmas is over, I am SICK OF CHRISTMAS.

When December 26 rolls around, I am DONE. I don’t want anything Christmasy around. I don’t want to think about shopping, baking, wrapping, or scrapping if it has anything to do with the holiday that just took over America for the last four months.

And so, once I download and edit my Christmas photos, I don’t want to do anything with them. I get how it happens, but it makes me sad. Christmas is such a fun time in our family and I am sad that I am missing preserving the memories.

And so this year, I decided to do a bit of pre-scrapping. I decided that while it was still early in the season and I wasn’t sick of it yet, I would pre-scrap some pages, getting most of a layout ready other than the photos and journaling. That way, when Christmas is over and I have my photos, all I have to do is drop them in.

It was actually pretty easy and I made a bunch. I just picked a few kits to work with, grabbed some templates, and plopped things down. I created pages for activities I knew I would have pictures of as well as some generic Christmas pages. Here’s hoping some Christmas 2014 pages will materialize this year!

Here are just a few I did. What do you think? Have you ever pre-scrapped in order to save time (or sanity) later?