Adding a Thin Border for Emphasis

Adding a Thin Border for Emphasis

I made a page recently and for some reason it made me remember some of the challenges I had when I was a newbie scrapbooker and I didn’t know Photoshop very well yet. Take a look at my page that is just below this paragraph. Do you see that thin black line around the central design? When I first started scrapbooking, I couldn’t figure out how to do that at all! I used to take a small brush, and while holding down SHIFT to keep the line straight, I’d draw the box. Then I’d go in with an eraser to neaten up the corners. It was a time-consuming and messy process. There is a much easier way!

Online Shopping

Supplies: Retail Therapy by Jady Day Studio & Libby Pritchett

The Easy Line Outline

Here’s my layout without the box outline. It looks fine, I just wanted a little extra emphasis on the page by adding an outline.

Online Shopping - No outline

Draw a box: Create a new layer just above the background paper. Using the Shape tool, draw a box where you would like the outline to be.

Add a stroke and remove the box fill: First, add a stroke around the box. The settings I used are: Size 3 px, Inside position, and 100% opacity. I used the eye dropper tool to select the colour of the black “Free Shipping” label.

Then remove the fill layer of the rectange box in the layers palette:

Now the outline will look like this:

Soften the Outline: Using the blend mode on the layer, I adjusted the Blending Options to soften the line. (You can read more about this step in Fonts Don’t Float.)

This made the line appear softer, like it was truly on paper:

It’s a pretty simple and effective way to add emphasis and ground a page design. Let me know if you have any questions!