Organizing Folders By Designer

Organizing Folders by Designer

For years and years, I have organized my digi scrap supplies first by Folder and then using tags. My system may be familiar to many of you: I saved my scrap products in folders organized first by Store name and then by Designer name. In my organizing software (ACDSee 15), I taged my product previews with basic information: Store Name, Designer Name, and product type (so kit, alpha, template, element pack).

It’s a method that works… but there are two little flaws that can add up to a lot of wasted time. First, when a designer moves stores or retires, I have to update my file locations. For those of us who’ve been scrapbooking a long time, we know that this happens a lot! The second problem is that if I let downloaded zip files linger in my Downloads folder for a while, I can forget which Designer belongs to which Store so I have to look it up before I can file it.

It’s simple enough to move the entire Designer folder to the correct location. I use BackBlaze for remote back-ups, and their system is smart enough to know when a file has been moved (so then it doesn’t re-upload it), but it still takes time for the system to scan every file and identify if it’s new or just moved. I also have to remember to change my EHD back-up, which I’m hit-or-miss on doing so then my main copy and local back-up don’t always match.

Organizing Folders by Designer

So I decided to create a new system organized just by Designer Name because generally that stays the same, even if a designer moves stores or retires.

A quick note: I use ACDSee 15 for organizing. My version supports embedded metadata for keywords, which means that my scrapbook files have the keyword tags contained in them. Even still, I did all of my files moves from within ACDSee to preserve the keyword tagging system. If the files are moved outside of the system, the embedded keywords can be restored by searching the folders.

First, I divided the alphabet into manageable groupings like this:

You can see I have folders for designers starting with ABC, DEF, GHI, etc. all organized by folders. I have a few other folders that I like to keep separated:

  • The first folder, “___to file” is just filled with products I have downloaded but haven’t had a chance to tag and organize into folders yet.
  • The second folder “_PS TOOLS”, is where I store all of my brushes, actions, styles and custom shapes for Photoshop.
  • The third folder “_SCRAP INSPIRATION” is where I keep all of my favourite tutorials, classes and digital scrapbooking magazines.

Within each alphabetized folder, I have the designers listed, like this:

I’m still sorting through all my designer folders, but this gives a good idea of how it will look.

(As a side note, I am on the creative teams for The Daily Digi and Sweet Shoppe Designs so I keep their products in separate folders to make it extra-easy for me to see at a glance which products are associated with their stores.)

On a related note, I’m using the same tagging system that I’ve described before and I’m tagging in the same way.

Resilient Folder Structure

This new folder organization structure ensures that even if designers move or retire, the folder organization stays the same. So far, I’m very happy with how it is working out. How do you organize your folders?