Using Adobe Shape to Add Your Handwriting to Your Digital Scrapbook Pages

Using Adobe Shape to Add Your Handwriting to Your Digital Scrapbook Pages

Adobe released a suite of mobile apps and a few of them look like they might be very interesting to digital scrapbookers. The Adobe Shapes CC app in particular has great potential for memory keepers.

The Shapes app is designed to let you create custom vector shapes out of almost any high-contrast design. It immediately made me think about creating custom word art for my scrapbook pages so I gave it a try and it was super easy to do! I’ll share how I did it below, but first a few caveats:

  • The Adobe Shapes CC app is only available in the iTunes app store.
  • All of the Adobe CC apps, Shapes included, only work if you are a current free or paid member of the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). (I have the Photography package, which is $9.99 US/month, for both Photoshop and Lightroom.)

Text to Image

To start, I pulled out a piece of white printer paper and a fine Sharpie marker in black. Then I hesitated because I hardly ever write or draw! Pre-computers (yes, kids, I’m that old), I had hand-writing so beautiful that even my school book reports were pieces of art. However, after many years of regular computer use, my hand-writing has regressed.

I do love the look of hand-written text on a page though, and I have to hope that my kids will appreciate seeing Mom’s handwriting one day, so I gave it a try and sketched out a little phrase a few times:

Then I opened the Adobe Shapes CC app and took a picture of my hand-written phrase. (Tip: Write it a little larger than you’re used to writing so that the app picks up all the details that you want to include.)

The app has sliders to let you adjust the amount of detail captured. I couldn’t get a screenshot of it, but if you watch the short Adobe promo video, you’ll get a good idea of how it works.

Once the app saves the file, it become available in your My Library across all of your internet-connected devices. I opened Adobe Photoshop CC and the word art was available in my the Libraries panel:

When I opened it on a blank white canvas, it looked like this:

It can easily be resized and recolored (using a color overlay) and then added to a scrapbook layout. Here I’ve added it to a 4×6 photo to add to my pocket album: