Custom Birthday Cupcake Toppers

My little man turned one back in March. It’s bittersweet to see your baby hit that big milestone. I love seeing him grow up and I can’t wait to see who he becomes, but his days as a snuggly little baby are over. Sad.

We were still living in Indonesia at the time and we had some friends coming to visit near his birthday. I wanted to find him a cute birthday shirt for them to bring, but I didn’t want the typical powder blue “birthday boy” shirt you see so much. I searched Etsy and a few other places and finally found this awesome shirt on Amazon. It was perfect! We call Zachary “Z-Man,” so a superhero inspired shirt was ideal! (Note, at the time of writing, this shirt is currently unavailable, but they do have it in ages 2-5. I might have to order more!)

Doesn’t Z-Man look so cute in it?

Although I don’t usually have much of a theme for birthdays, I decided to keep with the superhero thing for Z’s cupcakes. I looked in my digi stash for a superhero image, but couldn’t find one I liked. So I searched around a little online and found this.

Since my main man’s name starts with a Z and not an S, I had a little work to do.

First, I used my polygon lasso tool to trace around the outside shape. I then filled the selection with the yellow.

Next, I duplicated the yellow layer, enlarged it, and colored it red. I then looked for a font that would work and typed a Z. I cut off the edges where it would hit the border.

Next I added a black outer stroke to the red layer. And finally, a stroke to the Z layer.

Once these were done, I needed to find a t-shirt. Again, I looked through my digi stash and after trying to alter a few things that looked too girly, I decided to just outline my own. I added a darker blue border for some definition.

I then added my superhero emblem to the shirt.

I merged the layers together, reduced the size to what I wanted, and then duplicated the t-shirt a number of times so I could print them.

At this point, I could have printed them out and cut them, but pressed for time, I got out the directions to my long-neglected Silhouette machine and managed to get them cut out for me. I really should use that thing more!

Then I added toothpicks to the back and I was done!

I think he liked them!