Not Just For Scrapping!

One thing I love about knowing my way around Photoshop Elements is that I can use it for all sorts of things, not just scrapping and editing!

Inspired by Young House Love and their fun Photoshop skills used for decorating, I decided to give it go as we started to plan out our camper renovation.

But let me back up. Back in June, our family purchased a 1972 vintage hard-sided pop up. Isn’t she cute? And no, we didn’t paint the gas cylinders like that, they came that way 😉

We LOVE our camper. She is in great condition, both in and out, but we aren’t too thrilled with how she looks on the outside. I want something much cuter as I roll into campgrounds!

However, we’ve never fixed up a camper and we don’t really know what we are doing. We know that first and foremost, we want to paint the exterior. That brown is beyond ugly. But it’s not like we can just slap some paint on and call it done. We don’t even know for sure what color we want.

So, I decided to bring my photo into PSE and play around. Better to paint when you have Ctrl Z at your disposal!

In order to play around with the color, I used my magnetic lasso tool and quickly worked around the edges of the brown. I then went and cleaned up the selection a bit with my quick selection tool. I wasn’t aiming for perfection, just good enough to help me get a decent outline.

I then used my hue/saturation slider to try different colors.

This final blue was something of what I was looking for. I like the look of it and think that with some other pops of color, this could be perfect!

Next, adding color!

I knew that I wanted a good indoor/outdoor carpet for the outside and spent some time looking for the perfect one. I found it!

In order to see what it looked like with the camper, I dragged it onto my photo.

With the carpet layer selected, I used the transform tools to make it look a little more natural on the photo. To do this, press Ctrl/Cmd while you click and drag the corners of the layer. This allows you to skew the perspective.

Next, I wanted something fun and girly. I found some cute flower pots and extracted them to add to my camper. Now, I don’t know if my husband would ever really put these up on a camper, but it was fun to play around with! Aren’t they cute?

Next, I wanted to add a pretty curtain to the window. I fell in love with this one (unfortunately, we actually bought this fabric for bedding and the colors weren’t as shown…they were much less bold and bright and instead, very muted and creamy).

I took this fabric and put in place so I could see what it looked like behind the window. Again, I wasn’t looking for perfection, just a rough idea.

Finally, I got rid of those stickers and sat back and admired my cute little would-be camper!

I don’t know what our final makeover will look like, but it sure is fun to play!

What about you? Do you use your photo editing program to plan home (or camper!) decorating?