Text on a Selection in Photoshop Elements

Are you ready to discover one of the hidden gems in Photoshop Elements?

Imagine if you could just make your text go where ever you want it to, without having to upgrade to Photoshop and spend hours learning about the pen tool?

With Text on a Selection you can!

It’s simple to make your text follow any shape you can imagine.

  1. Click on the Type tool in the Tools panel. type-tool
  2. Choose Text On Selection tool in the Tool Options panel.
  3. On the image, create your selection by dragging the mouse over the area you want to select (see tip below for how to create a quick selection).
  4. Drag the Offset slider right to expand, or left to contract, your selection.This will give your text a bit of breathing room around the object you’ve selected.
  5. Once your selection is complete, click the green check mark icon to apply the selection.
  6. Move your mouse over the path and when it changes into an I-beam like this
    click the path and type your text.
  7. When you finish entering your text, click the Commit icon.

To make further adjustment to how your text follows the selection, double click on the text then:

  1. Hold down your Control key (Cmd key on a Mac) and drag the little X at the start of your line of text.
  2. Your mouse pointer will change to look like this: i-beam-arrow or this i-beam-arrow-right to show you which way the text will run.
  3. You can also edit any attributes, such as font size, just as you can with point or paragraph text.

Want the Quickest Way to Make a Perfect Selection?

Watch this video to see how Ctrl+Clicking on any layer thumbnail in the Layers Panel will create a selection for your text to follow in no time.

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PS Title graphics from Captured by Studio Blagovesta