I Pinned It and Did Nothing

I am so guilty. Guilty of what? Of pinning lots and lots (and lots!) of things on Pinterest and then never doing a thing with them.

Now, I will give myself a few pats on the back. I have made some yummy food like homemade fudge rounds, baked chimichangas, and amazing iced coffee.

But when it comes to the crafts I want to do, I am a big, fat, pinning failure. I love doing crafty things but it doesn’t just slide its way into my schedule like photography and scrapbooking do. My kids insist on eating mulitple times a day, so trying some Pinterest recipes is pretty easy. But no one whines at me to do more crafts, so I just don’t get much done! Not all hope is lost. I did make some cute burp cloths last year.

But I want to do more. As I was browsing my crafty goodness board, I got excited all over again to get some great craft projects going. Here are a few I especially want to try (images are linked to source):

“Vintage” Milk Bottles — I think these would be so cute for giving to the kids with homemade cookies. There is too much sugar in Starbucks drinks for me, but I am sure my husband will down a few in the name of good crafting.

Cupcake Felt Board — I know my little girls would have so much fun with these. They love the felt dolls i made them a few years ago.

Crazy Family Dry Erase Book — I think this is ingenious! This would be so much fun to play with!

All Occasion Chalkboard Banner — How fun is this? You can use it for anything!

Push Pin Art — I think this is such a great craft. There are so many fun things you could do with this idea.

Snowman Family — This was actually made by a friend of mine and her husband posted it on FB (thus, no link). I just love it and can’t wait to make one of our family!

Embroidered Map — Good ‘ol Marth Stewart does it again. I love the look of this embroidered map. I think it would be so fun to make one for our big road trip and either hang it up or put it in our album.

Fabric Covered Magazine Files — I think these would be such a pretty addition to any room. My kids would love them to keep their homeschool stuff in!

Tin Can Caddy — This would be great for our art and school supplies. We are constantly looking for pencils and pens!

So, where do you think I should start?