Quick Fix For Hot Spots

Back in the spring, I showed you all a video tutorial for saying goodbye to under-eye circles. I was happy that it was helpful to so many.

I want to show you today how you can use this same method for doing quick fixes for hot spots.

I love scrapping older photos, and when I dug up this photo from my daughter’s first day of preschool in 2006, I knew it was just waiting to be scrapped.

The only problem was that back then, I had no idea what I was doing with a camera. I had high hopes, but I really knew nothing. And so, my photos aren’t great. I still LOVE that I have them, but sometimes the quality is so bad that it distracts from the point of the photo. That was the case here.

You can see that my daughter has major hot spots on her face. Hot spots are places where the light is so bright — often caused by flash, but in this case caused by harsh morning light — that the detail and color are lost.

Just as in the video for removing under-eye circles, I used my eyedropper tool to select color around the hot spots. I then brushed the color over the hot spots (on a new layer).

Here is what it looks like with just the brush marks showing:

Then, I adjusted to opacity of my brush layers until it looked more natural. This was my result:

It’s still not a great photo and definitely not something I would frame, but it works just great for a layout about her first day of preschool!

(Layout was created using Extra Credit by Kara Fredricks, part of this September 2014’s Digi Files. Alpha is by Zoe Pearn at Sweet Shoppe Designs.)