Save Your Photos 2014

The first annual Save Your Photos Day is September 27th.

Save Your Photos Day is a global event intended to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding our treasured photos. As digital photography continues to grow, at times it feel like we can’t keep up with the digital deluge.

But, don’t despair, today I’m here with some easy steps to help you save your photos.

Got ten minutes? Backup your photos!

Yes, seriously! Head to Crashplan, Backblaze, or your other online service of choice, spend less than $100, download their software, set it running and have the peace of mind that all you photos are safely backed up.

Backing up may be boring but it doesn’t have to take long to get started.

I recommend having an automated system so you don’t need to remember to back up.
See my system here.

You can also use a service like
Flickr or Smugmug. For example, an Eye Fi card can upload to Flickr direct from your camera.

Just so you know, when you back up, a hard drive failure can be just a blip, rather than a headache. Read about
Heddy’s backup restore experience.

Got an hour? Gather your photos!

So where are your photos hiding?

Phones? Computers? Shoe boxes?

What about memorabilia, slides and movies?

I’ve prepared
this printable checklist to send you on a treasure hunt around your house and your hard drive.

Once you have your photos in one place, you can work on a plan of action to
get them organised.

The average family has thousands of prints, negative and slides in their home.

Got a day? Scan your photos!

Alice and Bruce Okely's Wedding Day

If you have a collection of photos, negatives or slides your best bet is
to digitize them too, so they can be easily preserved. Photographic mediums degrade slowly over time, and the acidic papers and glues in some older photo albums mean that a digital copy will last much longer than the originals.

The beauty of having a scanned photo is that you can preserve your family photo albums intact, for a long as they last, without having to remove the original photos and captions. I’m even leaving my baby photos in the original album my mum made for me, as it’s precious to have her handwriting and layouts. I’ve got the negatives ready to scan and use, I’ve even scrapped a few already!

Take a listen to this episode of the Digi Show, where Steph, Katie, Peppermint and Mary Moseley talk about scanning options.

20080823 First Steps_3600The great news is that you can use services such as Scan My Photos to get the scanning done in a fraction of the time, it would take to do them yourself – and they remain in the US. In other countries there are local scanning services you can use. Home movies are especially fragile, but thankfully there are many services to convert them to DVD and files you can open on your computer.

Don’t let your photos get lonely

It’s all well and good to have your photos backed up but if you can’t find them to print or scrap with them, then you are missing out on the fun of having photos in your life.

Get Organized: Photos you will kick start your organizing process with simple, 15-minute challenges that will get you on track to manage your photos.

get organized photos

Now, go save your photos!