The True Lens

It was finally time…we were home from our epic road trip, we had moved into our new home (I won’t mention the state of the house), and dad took the kids out. That means, time for mom to scrap!

However, after only scrapping a few pages in the previous months, I was having trouble getting started. Not feeling inspired (but feeling very hungry!) I clicked out of Photoshop Elements and over to Pinterest. I’m always up for some pretty cupcakes to drool over. But then I saw a photography quote that I loved and decided to go searching for more.

And this quote popped up:

The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

Wow…that captured in eleven words what takes me so long to explain to others. I tried to explain it here. And here. And here.

When I take pictures, and then when I edit them, I am trying to capture not a photograph, but a feeling. I try different angles and I try different editing styles, all in an attempt to have a photograph that can reproduce a feeling in my heart.

The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.


Although I had just been browsing Pinterest to find some new yummy recipes or some decorating ideas for our new home, I instead found the scrapping inspiration that I needed.

Kit is Captured by Studio Blagovesta (which is part of September’s Digi Files.)